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Blue Boston Empty Amber Glass Spray Bottles -Single & 2 Pack – Each Large 16oz Refillable Bottle is Great for Essential Oils,...

Blue Boston Empty Amber Glass Spray Bottles -Single & 2 Pack – Each Large 16oz Refillable Bottle is Great for Essential Oils,...

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UV Protection & Sturdy Design: Our 16-ounce Glass Spray Bottle shields essential oils from UV light degradation, with a durable, user-friendly design.

Eco-Friendly & Reusable: Join the eco-conscious movement, reducing plastic chemicals with our chemical-free, food-grade bottle suitable for various applications.

Versatile Usage: Ideal for window cleaning, car detailing, hair care, and more, supporting a sustainable lifestyle.

Amber Beauty: Elegant amber color enhances visual appeal.

Order Now: Embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle with our Glass Spray Bottle.

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Introducing Glass Spray Bottle: Your Eco-Friendly Solution for All-Purpose Use

Revolutionize your household and personal care routines with the HumanRise Glass Spray Bottle, a versatile and eco-friendly essential for your everyday needs. Crafted with precision and designed for maximum convenience, this 16-ounce amber glass bottle is your go-to solution for a wide range of applications.

Glass Spray Bottle Information: UV Protection and Sturdy Design

Our Spray Bottle is not just any container; it’s a UV-protected heavyweight, offering robust defense against degradation from ultraviolet light. Rest assured, your essential oils are in safe hands, and the glass material is impervious to the corrosive effects of potent oils like citrus. The smart design fits comfortably in your hand, providing a substantial capacity that minimizes the need for frequent refills. It’s not just functional; it looks great and boasts a sturdy build, featuring a reliable squeeze-trigger sprayer for effortless use.

Eco-Conscious Living with Chemical-Free Reusability

Join the movement to reduce plastic chemicals in your home with our chemical-free, food-grade  Spray Bottle. Ideal for both professional and personal use, this reusable mister empowers you to make eco-conscious choices. Refill the bottle with your homemade concoctions, whether it’s hydrogen peroxide, isopropyl alcohol, cleaning solutions, or DIY beauty recipes. The possibilities are unlimited.

Versatile Uses for a Sustainable Lifestyle

Spray Bottle is your multi-functional companion for various purposes. From window cleaning, car detailing, and BBQ grilling to hair care, hand sanitizer, aromatherapy, and essential oils—this bottle adapts to your diverse needs. Use it for water misting, cleaning solutions, bathroom deodorizing, or even misting plants with precision.

Product Specifications: Amber Beauty

Color: Amber
Material: Glass
Capacity: 16 Ounces

Recommended Uses:
Window cleaner
Car detailing
BBQ and grilling
Hair care
Hand sanitizer
Aromatherapy and essential oils
Cleaning solutions
Water misting and spraying
Bathroom, kitchen, and garage use
Chemical-free DIY products
Misting plants

Packing List:
Spray bottle *1

Order your Spray Bottle today and embrace a sustainable, chemical-free lifestyle. If, for any reason, you’re not satisfied, let us know. Please note that the spray bottles do not have filters and are not suitable for liquids with particulate matter; any particulate matter should be filtered before filling the bottle. Make a conscious choice for a greener, cleaner future with Glass Spray Bottle



Glass Spray Bottle
Glass Spray Bottle
Glass Spray Bottle
Glass Spray Bottle

Additional Information

Weight .500 kg
Dimensions 95 × 190 × 190 cm
Capacity size



Brown 2PC, Brown

21 reviews for Blue Boston Empty Amber Glass Spray Bottles -Single & 2 Pack – Each Large 16oz Refillable Bottle is Great for Essential Oils,...

  1. Richard (verified owner)

    Will not dispense oil in a mist. Only comes out in a stream. Not what I needed. Keeping it to use for other things.

    capacity-size: 500ml, color: Brown 2PC x 1
  2. Owen (verified owner)

    If you are looking for something to put a “mopping” liquid in for spraying on your BBQ, this bottle is phenomenal! I’ve been using it for years and am very happy with it. I love that it’s glass and I don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals…

    capacity-size: 500ml, color: Brown x 1
  3. Bryan (verified owner)

    I put distilled white vinegar in this bottle to help with cleaning tasks around the house. This is a quality product. I was surprised the spray works so well. One squeeze will give a generous spray of liquid. The purchase came with the bottle, the spray nozzle top, and a little top for when you just want to use the bottle to store liquid. After I was done with cleaning, I poured out the vinegar and cleaned the spray nozzle and bottle thoroughly. Everything about this bottle is well-made and high quality. I am very happy with this purchase.

    capacity-size: 500ml, color: Brown x 1
  4. Angel (verified owner)

    This is a nice high quality spray bottle. It comes with an extra lid so you don’t have to worry about your orange oil and whatnot eating through the straw. The extra lid is far from flimsy, and should hold up well. The sprayer is made of thick plastic and has a very easy to turn knob with different spray settings. The bottle itself is a deep amber colored glass, but not too heavy to make things awkward, and not too light to worry about it getting smashed. I look forward to torturing ants and setting up a bug barrier with this.

    capacity-size: 500ml, color: Brown x 1
  5. Hayden (verified owner)

    I wanted a good spray bottle for watering my plants and orchid. I know it seems like any spray bottle will do, but I was really sick of spray bottles leaking, or not having a good, soft, wide mist. So, instead of buying yet more cheap clear bottles, I decided to splurge for a good quality glass bottle. I’m so glad I did! This bottle is worth every penny. It’s the best quality spray bottle I’ve ever seen. The glass is thick. The plastic is thick and appears like it will last a very long time. I’m super happy with my purchase.

    capacity-size: 500ml, color: Brown 2PC x 1
  6. Nicholas (verified owner)

    This is just what I was looking for. I started making my own cleaning products with essential oils so I needed a dark colored spray bottle so that sunlight wouldn’t alter the oils’ effectiveness. I also needed glass because some oils interact with plastic and the plastic can leach into the liquid and alter the ingredients. This bottle works well for both the issues I had, plus I am impressed with the spray nozzle. It has a stream spray setting and a wider spray setting and then an “off” option. I use the wider spray setting and it is strong and effective and there was no leakage.

    capacity-size: 500ml, color: Brown 2PC x 1
  7. Daniel (verified owner)

    The quality of these bottles were awesome and they are nice to look at! They are thick and heavy. I only gave them 4 stars because they specifically state, “……or cooking in the kitchen”. I bought these for my Olive Oil and Vegetable oil in the kitchen. However, the spay is not a wide dispersing mist like I would expect but rather a heavy stream.
    All in all I love the aesthetic of the bottles and they are well made so I will keep them. 🙂

    capacity-size: 500ml, color: Brown x 1
  8. Daniel (verified owner)

    I only use it with water to mist my turtle and it works great. I like that it’s glass so I’m not spraying him with plastic or other chemicals. It’s not good for high volume of fluid quickly (which is exactly what I was trying to avoid), but it’s perfect for a gentle mist. You have to do it from a bit of a distance so the water has space to properly spread and mist (I find that a couple feet is perfect for my needs). I’m sure it would also be really good for misting yourself or kids or friends during hot summer months to keep cool!

    capacity-size: 500ml, color: Brown 2PC x 1
  9. Bryan (verified owner)

    My wife has used these to make non-toxic bug-spray – these are the perfect size for that or other essential oil-based mixtures where you will want to spray a decent amount.
    We’ve bought others for friends too so definitely recommend the product.

    capacity-size: 500ml, color: Brown x 1
  10. Henry (verified owner)

    This is a GREAT bottle! I used it to put distilled water, sage oil and pink Himalayan salt in it. I heated the water and stirred the salt in the pot to dissolve it before I put it all in the bottle. I said a prayer over the mixture and proceeded to spray our house with the mixture to clean the air and clear out any negative energy in the house. After spraying the house I was able to complete a book I had been writing. The bottle is great and I look forward to using it again. I did let the water and salt cool off before I added the sage oil and put it in my bottle.

    capacity-size: 500ml, color: Brown 2PC x 1
  11. Michael (verified owner)

    Perfectly balanced when full of water for when you spray. I love the fine mist setting, and so do my plants.

    capacity-size: 500ml, color: Brown x 1
  12. V. Williams (verified owner)

    I purchased this for my coconut oil which I apply after every shower. (If you apply organic coconut oil on your skin then you know the struggle to not spill it everywhere) I take in the bathroom by the time I’m out of the shower the coconut oil is completely liquefied and I spray it on. Quick and efficient . My only complaint is that it only has one spray setting which isn’t my favorite I would love a misting setting but I mean it’s not a deal breaker for me.

    capacity-size: 500ml, color: Brown x 1
  13. Phoenix (verified owner)

    So…I don’t think I ever thought a review for a glass spray bottle would be necessary, but here we are. The bottle is probably exactly what you would expect. One thing I love about it in particular is that when it is set to spray-lock (so that not fluid comes out), the pump is just disengaged from the rest of the mechanism. Meaning, you can still pull the handle, but no liquid comes out. It also means that my toddler can play with it without soaking herself or the surroundings. We just use it for water, but it’s nice nonetheless. When it’s turned to spray, this bottle gives a really good amount per pump and it sprays evenly.

    capacity-size: 500ml, color: Brown 2PC x 1
  14. Phoenix (verified owner)

    Works well. No issues and the trigger has a very comfortable design. Hoping it lasts quite awhile.

    capacity-size: 500ml, color: Brown x 1
  15. Alana Hardy (verified owner)

    So far the nozzle has not jammed. I like it. Would recommend. I think you can find cheaper glass bottle though.

    capacity-size: 500ml, color: Brown x 1
  16. Lucas (verified owner)

    esy to use doesnt leak

    capacity-size: 500ml, color: Brown x 1
  17. Camden (verified owner)

    I bought this to mix my thieves/water in for household cleaning and I love it!! The bottle itself is amazing, regardless what you put inside. The give you the spray handle and a top in case you just want to screw it closed. Worth the purchase!

    capacity-size: 500ml, color: Brown x 1
  18. Liam (verified owner)

    Easy to use and fill and no problems with the nozzle. Love this refillable glass bottle for cleaning in our kitchen.

    capacity-size: 500ml, color: Brown x 1
  19. Leah Nickle (verified owner)

    I purchased to spray my DIY deodorizer. I’ve been looking for a nozzle that sprays a more of a mist to avoid saturating the fabric and this is it!

    capacity-size: 500ml, color: Brown 2PC x 1
  20. Isaac (verified owner)

    Unique, nice, look. Pretty decently thick glass. Sprayer works perfectly.

    capacity-size: 500ml, color: Brown x 1
  21. Camden (verified owner)

    The size of this bottle is perfect. It would be too big for travel, but it fits nicely in my bathroom. The spray is easy to use and sprays evenly. It doesn’t clog or get stuck like others I have used. Since it is made of glass, it has some weight to it.

    capacity-size: 500ml, color: Brown x 1
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