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Baby C Shape Multifunctional Nursing Pillowcase Nursing Pillow Original Support, Gray Taupe Leaves, Ergonomic Nursing Essentials for Bottle and Breastfeeding, Firm Fiber...

Baby C Shape Multifunctional Nursing Pillowcase Nursing Pillow Original Support, Gray Taupe Leaves, Ergonomic Nursing Essentials for Bottle and Breastfeeding, Firm Fiber...

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About this item

Comfort-Centric Design:  Mom-designed for arm and back relief during breastfeeding and bonding.
Versatile Feeding Styles:  C-shaped design accommodates cradle, cross-cradle, football hold, and bottle feeding.
Easy Care Convenience:  Machine washable and dryable for hassle-free maintenance.
Awake-Time Only:  Designed for adult-supervised awake-time feeding and bonding, not intended for sleep.
Packing List:  Includes one pillowcase for added convenience. Elevate your baby care with HumanRise’s Baby Nursing Pillow.

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Introducing the Baby Nursing Pillow a thoughtfully designed and mom-approved solution to elevate your baby care experience

Created for comfort and versatility, this Baby Nursing Pillow is meticulously crafted to provide relief to your arms and back during breastfeeding, bottle feeding, and bonding moments with your little one.

Key Features:

Comfort-Centric Design:
Crafted with your comfort in mind, this nursing pillow is the brainchild of a mom who understands the challenges of caring for a newborn. It lifts your baby to a more ergonomic position, reducing strain on your arms and back during feeding sessions. The result? A more comfortable and enjoyable bonding experience.

Versatile Feeding Styles:
We recognize that every baby is unique, and so are their feeding preferences. The C-shaped design of our nursing pillow accommodates various feeding styles, including cradle, cross-cradle, football hold, and bottle feeding. This flexibility ensures that you can find the most comfortable and nurturing position for both you and your baby.

Easy Care, Mess-Free Convenience:
We understand that parenting comes with its fair share of messes. That’s why our Nursing Pillow is designed for real-life scenarios. The pillowcase is machine washable and dryable, providing hassle-free maintenance when inevitable spills or messes occur. Easy care ensures that you can focus on what truly matters – cherishing precious moments with your baby.

Awake-Time Companion:
This nursing pillow is exclusively designed for your baby’s adult-supervised awake-time. Whether it’s for feeding or bonding, it provides the necessary support and comfort during these crucial moments. Please note that this product is not intended for sleep, ensuring a safe and secure environment for your baby.

Packing List:
Pillowcase: 1

Elevate your baby care routine with the Nursing Pillow – a perfect blend of comfort, versatility, and practicality. Designed by a mom for moms, it’s a reliable companion for your parenting journey. Order now to experience the difference in comfort and convenience that our nursing pillow brings to your baby bonding moments.

Product Image:

Baby Nursing Pillow
Baby Nursing Pillow

Baby Nursing Pillow

Baby Nursing Pillow

Baby Nursing Pillow

Additional Information

Weight 0.12 kg
Dimensions 180 × 140 × 28 cm

1 Style, 10 Style, 2 Style, 3 Style, 4 Style, 5 Style, 6 Style, 7 Style, 8 Style, 9 Style

23 reviews for Baby C Shape Multifunctional Nursing Pillowcase Nursing Pillow Original Support, Gray Taupe Leaves, Ergonomic Nursing Essentials for Bottle and Breastfeeding, Firm Fiber...

  1. Henry (verified owner)

    Got this for my newborn, it is so soft and amazing. So funny my toddler daughter loves it and takes it as his pillow for nap time!

    style: 9 Style x 1
  2. Luci (verified owner)

    Firm but comfortable. Multiple uses, worth the price, specially because you can wash the covers.

    style: 10 Style x 1
  3. Zane (verified owner)

    I use this to feed my baby on a daily basis, makes feeding so easy. I like this because it has multiple uses my baby can sit on it and he can also do tummy time on it! It doesn’t provide a lot of back support but it does what it’s suppose to do and makes feeding easy.

    style: 9 Style x 1
  4. Andy (verified owner)

    Actually purchased this to hold my miniature dachshunds! Works well to keep them snuggled in my lap when I am sitting so they don’t slip off my lap. They love it too! p.s. also used one of these when my son was an infant, worked well for him too!

    style: 1 Style x 1
  5. Michael (verified owner)

    I am currently enjoying this nursing pillow! I recommend it if you are trying to nurse your baby comfortably. This pillow is also helpful to grandparents who also want to feed the baby and need a little support.

    style: 6 Style x 1
  6. Katherine (verified owner)

    I didn’t plan on having a c-section but had brought this into the hospital with me anyway. It really saved me and my ability to breastfeed in those early weeks of recovery. I stopped using this for feeding around 6 weeks, and only occasionally used this to let baby sit propped or for propped tummy time, but in those 6 weeks it was worth every penny!

    style: 3 Style x 1
  7. Mason (verified owner)

    I love this pillow! The baby loves the pillow! For feeding and for supervised napping!!

    style: 1 Style x 1
  8. Terri Martin (verified owner)

    I didn’t use this as a breastfeeding pillow as I found it to be in the way more than helping me. I do use this for supervised tummy time. I also use this to help baby learn to sit up. The boppy is such a universal pillow. If you’re on the edge about purchasing l, go ahead and do it! The multipurpose uses make it worth it. I got a gender by color and I love it!!

    style: 7 Style x 1
  9. Suzi (verified owner)

    Works as expected. Helps with supporting my arms while crocheting.

    style: 7 Style x 1
  10. Sarah (verified owner)

    The size is perfect and it doesn’t wear out quickly in fact it’s still pretty fluffy after using it for a year now. The down side is the material of the boppy pillow. It’s like silk and polyester mixed and it stains very easily and hard to clean.

    style: 7 Style x 1
  11. Alan (verified owner)

    I was so old school before my sister made me get this boppy pillow! I would just snag the closest pillow and nurse my kiddos but this pillow makes life so much easier! Will never go back! Wonderful support, easy to clean, and sized perfectly for my lap!

    style: 1 Style x 1
  12. Ryan (verified owner)

    Very well worth the money.

    style: 6 Style x 1
  13. Samuel (verified owner)

    The product is firmly packed.

    style: 5 Style x 1
  14. Zane (verified owner)

    Good quality.

    style: 5 Style x 1
  15. Mary (verified owner)

    This was a must for learning how to breastfeed in those early days as a new mom. Great support.

    style: 3 Style x 1
  16. Avery (verified owner)

    This is such a convenient pillow to have if you will be breastfeeding. It hoists the baby up to a more comfortable level for feeding. I have one of these pillows for downstairs and one I keep next to my bed for overnights. I love the design that goes well with the decor in my home. This pillow is comfortable on the baby’s head and super easy to clean after some little spit ups. I just toss it into the laundry and it comes out as comfy as ever. It’s worth the investment because you will be using it almost every two hours a day!

    style: 1 Style x 1
  17. Phoenix (verified owner)

    Found an unexpected use for this pillow – simultaneous pumping and bottle feeding to meet my baby’s feeding needs and cut the night awake time in half. My 2m baby is able to comfortably lounge and feed in this pillow while I’m doing hands free pumping. Significantly improved my sleep duration and thus quality.

    style: 9 Style x 1
  18. Julian (verified owner)

    I had a lot of trouble making my baby latch on to me in the early days of postpartum. This nursing pillow helped me immensely and to this day I cannot feed my baby without it. It is comfortable and the shape helps the baby to adjust very quickly in order to latch. Great buy and worth every penny.

    style: 5 Style x 1
  19. William (verified owner)

    It helps us to take care of my newborn. We used it from the hospital to my home.

    style: 2 Style x 1
  20. Jackson (verified owner)

    This is a Great nursing pillow, so I can see what the hype is all about. It has good thickness and support. I also like my brest friend because of the flat and wider surface, but it is more bulky.

    style: 7 Style x 1
  21. Kevin (verified owner)

    I was gifted a Bobby Pillow with my first and loved it. Purchased one myself for my second. I find the pillow excellent for nursing and tummy time. Great product.

    style: 1 Style x 1
  22. Zane (verified owner)

    Didn’t use for nursing but I love using it to prop up my baby, she looks so happy and comfy in it!

    style: 4 Style x 1
  23. Henry (verified owner)

    Love the pattern, it looks just as good as the picture. The pillow is nice and firm and supports baby well. I had a c-section and using the pillow kept baby off my incision. He was also a bigger baby so this gave me extra support while nursing.

    style: 10 Style x 1
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